The Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam recognizes the need for schools to be global players. We embrace research and exchange by actively pursuing internationalization and looking beyond our own borders. We maintain contacts with schools and businesses in program-related industries, in countries inside and outside of Europe and continue our efforts to strengthen our network.

VET Mobility Charter

The VET Mobility Charter is the ERASMUS + quality mark that MBO institutions receive when they have proved their quality and have embedded internationalization in a broad sense in their education policy. At the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, internationalization forms an inseparable part of the education. Not only do we offer international internships which are accessible to nearly all our students, but it is also possible for employees to expand their knowledge outside of the Netherlands. In addition, the GLR is the initiator of various international projects, such as the GLR SummerSchool, Kosmopolis and Commercialpolis. The GLR maintains close relationships with various educational institutions both within and outside of Europe. This is shown for example by the exchange of students or the setting up of a new course at NATIN in Surinam.

International initiatives

International Initiatives is our pro-active department dedicated to developing our international network. Our school is continuously searching for new partners to expand opportunities for our students & faculty in the global media & design forum. We have learned through experience that combined efforts generate shared success. We are happy to discuss any ideas you may have for student and teacher exchange programs or collaborations between our school and other internationally oriented departments or institutions.

Network of hubs

Successful collaborations with notable companies and accredited schools in The Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world are an integral part of our vision and our educational programs. We actively work together with educational institutions and companies in- and outside the European Union (EU). Preferred partners offer continuity and added valuable for our institution and our students. The growing list of contacts in our network demonstrates our growing interest in partnerships in other EU-countries as well as in other parts of the world. Cities where educational institutions and businesses are open to developing projects and collaborating with our school are awarded the title 'GLR Hub'. These cities become focal points in our network and benefit from working together. Hubs offer our school and our students the combined benefits of educational opportunities, business community contacts and a safe environment. The GLR currently invests effort in developing hubs in San Francisco, Newcastle, London, Lisbon, Willemstad, Paramaribo, Cardiff and Barcelona. Hubs are assigned representatives who assume responsibility for projects and monitors quality for all parties involved. Representatives of our staff and faculty correspond and make personal visits to our hub contacts on a regular basis. Certifying work placement locations is an important part of earning the 'Hub' title. We invite schools and businesses interested collaborating or starting a new project to contact us.

Exchange programs

Network hubs facilitate schools and companies working relationships with the GLR. Hubs open doors by supporting and intensifying exchange on a structural basis. The GLR encourage students, teachers and GLR staff members to participate in exchange programs. By exploring and involving ourselves in the European and international marketplace we exchange knowledge and increase our understanding of the changing world around us.

Investing in expertise

Each year groups of GLR staff and faculty take part in industry-related master classes, congresses and conferences in other countries. Groups of GLR staff have travelled to London, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Singapore to engage in further education and exchange in an international atmosphere. It is the new knowledge and international experience that fuels new development and the curiosity for continued learning. This is beneficial for individuals, business partners and colleagues upon their return, but ultimately beneficial for our students. In addition to exchange staff members continue to improve their command of the English language by communicating with teachers and business people from foreign countries. The GLR is especially proud of our teachers who have earned international certification as certified Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Microsoft trainers, Adobe Educational Leaders and holders of Oxford English Language certificates. Our aim is for our staff to continue building their expertise and to continue earning internationally accredited certificates. This will ensure that the GLR remains attractive to foreign partners as well as Dutch and foreign students.


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