Internships abroad

An important part of student study at the GLR takes place on location at a professional traineeship. The shared benefits of our student internship program is valued by businesses and students alike. Each year we have more than 1,400 students learning from a professional work experience in The Netherlands, Europe and at design and other media companies overseas.

Two internships

Students attending a full-time study at the GLR are required to complete two internships for a total of ten months experience. The first student internship starts in January of the third year of study for a period of six months, until the summer holiday. The second internship takes place in the fourth and final year of study, from September until the winter holidays in December. The second internship should last four months. The company has to offer a workplace for five days a week. Our GLR Internship Office supervises our student trainees at one of the 3,500 partner companies in our extensive database of professional contacts. GLR internship supervisors refresh our contacts with acquisition of new partner companies and keep in close contact with our current successful business relations. Contact is often conducted via e-mail and telephone.

Criteria voor students and companies

During a personal student review GLR mentors and internship supervisors evaluate the motivation and work of students who want to go abroad. Study results and a digital portfolio are essential parts of the acceptance procedure. Students selected for a foreign internship demonstrate the skills and character to deliver a valuable effort to benefit any organization. Students can apply for a foreign internship by a partner company in our network but are also free to search for an internship on their own. 
The Internship Department at the GLR collaborates with companies in many European cities such as London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. Being Dutch also affords the GLR the advantage of maintaining contacts with firms in the Netherlands Antilles and Surinam, so you can find our students in Curacao, Aruba and Paramaribo as well.Students can choose the city they want to work in, provided the political situation is safe and the internship company satisfies the following criteria:

The internship company is able to offer the student a professional and safe working environment that suits his or her training. The student must be able to carry out the profession he/she is trained for, including the relevant work processes and other related activities.
An internship trainer must be present at the internship company and is informed about the requirements of the training program and is able to train and coach the student.
The work internship company is willing to keep in contact with the student's school on a regular basis about the progress of practice-based training.
The work internship company trains the student in a structural way and a work internship plan is used as a basis.
The work internship company makes available space and means for the student and spends time on practice-based training.


Taking on a student trainee is in principle free of costs. After all, companies provide a place to work, supervision and valuable work experience. Still, most companies choose to pay students an internship fee to help pay for extra costs for food, housing and transportation incurred during their stay in a foreign country. The GLR recommends compensating student interns with between € 250 - € 500 per month depending on the work they are doing and what the host company can afford.

Our expanding network

The GLR's continuing ambition is to increase the number of student internships available at host companies abroad. We sincerely believe that in addition to valuable skills and practical experience a student receives during their internship in The Netherlands, an internship abroad supports additional development in the form of independence, global (business) perspective, cultural insight, a feeling of responsibility, personal direction and added ambition. It's no wonder that the foreign internships are becoming more and more popular among our students.


Company representatives interested in learning more about hosting one or more GLR interns at their firm in a foreign country are invited to contact the GLR Internship Office: Tereza Andrews, Internship Supervisor International.

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