About GLR

Welcome to the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR), the Dutch creative college for media, design & technology. The GLR is the largest creative college of its kind in the Netherlands. With over 350 qualified staff and educators and more than 4,000 ambitious students, the GLR offers a broad range of college-level educational programs dedicated to preparing our students for future careers in the media, design & technology industries.


Behind the success of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam is our continuing ambition to provide high-quality and innovative education for students and practicing professionals. Students acquire valuable knowledge and skills for practical application in different fields such as interactive media and graphic design, animation, games, film & video, stage & theatre technique, sound design, media management, media technology, (digital) printing, finishing and a long list of exciting specializations.


All students who register at the GLR come with the common goal to develop their knowledge, skills and creativity in order to improve their opportunities for further study, careers and better futures. Common interests and the creative processes bring students together and fill the halls and classrooms with a truly creative atmosphere. And it is the creative atmosphere that makes the learning environment at the GLR so special. Students who develop ideas and creative products work and learn together. This binding factor creates an inspiring, comfortable and safe environment for learning and personal growth.


Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
Heer Bokelweg 255 (Visiting adress)
Postbox 1680 (Mail adress)
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)88 200 15 00
E-mail: info@glr.nl